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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Start 2009 with my quick and easy Detox kit. Two simple delicious shakes per day (breakfast/lunch) followed by a healthy dinner puts you your way towards a healthy New Year! Each Kit includes a Free Shaker Cup with Lid and a 39 page illustrated guide for support and sample menus. Of course as always you get e-mail support from me to answer any questions. A great gift for your family and friends.Get state of the art liver detoxification. The liver removes, neutralizes and helps eliminate both water and fat soluble toxins. UltraClear Macro provides the necessary hypoallergenic rice protein with additional minerals such as magnesium. Two scoops provide the basis for your morning and afternoon shake. Mix in 1 scoop of ProGreens to get the equivalent of 14 servings of vegetables. With over 30 organic herbs, this super green whole food concentrate will help cleanse the blood and provide the raw materials for superior energy and vitality.Take 2 AdvaClear caps with each shake if you are relatively healthy. This Advanced formula will help support the liver enzyme pathways responsible for reducing toxic load. Your genes can help normalize metabolism once again.I include a 39 color page guide to help explain in detail how the program works as well as provide healthy diet suggestions. The guide includes which foods to eat and which to eliminate. Following this program will allow your genes to work more efficiently boosting immune function. Many individuals notice the shedding of excess water retention as well as burning fat during the cleanse.A great value priced right with all the support you need! Please note the The Progreens accounts for the sale price

by: MyHealth-Store