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Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Many patients ask me what makes one vitamin formula better than the next? Besides purity of the raw materials the "CoFactors" or what the Vitamin/Minerals are connected to will determine the absorption and utilization by the cell. The better formulas in what I call the "First Tier" companies use highly biologically active "CoFactors". These are connecting molecules that are naturally found inside the cell. Since these carrier molecules are naturally occurring inside the cell they deliver the desired nutrient to where it belongs very easily so that it can do it's work more efficiently. So in review, taking 100 milligrams of a vitamin that is connected to a LOW QUALITY cofactor whic is NOT naturally found in the cell might only provide 5 milligrams of the vitamin. This would be considered 5% bio availability. First Tier companies develop formulas that provide 95% or better bio availability. Comparing formulas just by price is the wrong approach. You truly do get what you pay for

Dr. Ron

by: MyHealth-Store